Blessings, Baptisms and Welcoming

For each child that’s born, a morning star rises and sings to the universe who we are.

babyUntil recently, there where few options for new parents who wished to have their children baptized outside of a church. Today, there are several different options for those interested in creating a ceremony that welcomes their new baby into the world and into their family.

Baptism – A baptism can be done in a family’s home, in a garden setting or on the beach. It can be as religious as one would like with the inclusion of Bible readings, prayers and the use of water.

Welcoming Ceremony – This is the most inclusive of all the ceremonies. If parents would like, they can include any or all of thecomponents from the first two ceremonies as well as include others. The welcoming ceremony is not only a baptism but also a way of the family’s dedicating themselves to the child’s upbringing and spiritual development.
The welcoming ceremony acknowledges the parents, Godparents, grandparents and any siblings. It is a time when family members commit themselves to the love, care and support of the child throughout the child’s life. It can include readings, sharing, music, and prayer. Another wonderful component, which is optional, is the use of a “memory box”. The memory box is either constructed or purchased by the parents for the child. Family members and close friends can either purchase a small symbolic gift for the box or are invited to write something for the child in response to their entrance into the world. The box and its items are saved until the child grows old enough to appreciate the items in the box. In time the cards and letters contained within will become even more precious as family members pass away. What a wonderful gift for the child to have as he or she grows older — to have a card or letter written by a beloved family member in response to their entrance into the world.