Memorials, Funerals, and Graveside Services

memorialsSaying goodbye to a loved one is never easy. It can be a very emotional time for everyone involved and finding the right way to honor our loved one can be quite challenging.

At the time of a loved one’s passing, people are often at a loss as to who they might turn to that can create a service that will not only reflect their loved ones life, but also honor their spiritual and or religious beliefs. Faith and Scott are experts in this field, offering their gentle, loving guidance to help create a ceremony that truly speaks to the hearts of all.

As interfaith ministers they are able to span all religions and spiritual beliefs and can also create a memorable secular ceremony where desired. They feel it is an honor to play this role and will work with you and whatever family and friends you choose, to co-create and deliver a personalized funeral, memorial, celebration of life, and/or graveside service that truly reflects your loved one’s unique life, relationships and contributions.

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